Vocational Program

Vocational Program

Our vocational program, CLIworks, is for people with higher levels of independence who enjoy working. CLIworks aims to place workers in areas they find enjoyable and ones suitable to their abilities. Our workers are dependable and productive. With the support of a job coach, once they have learned their positions, many are able to fulfill their job duties independently. Our staff provides supports to both the employer and the worker to maximize a successful placement.

Our people can be seen working throughout Frederick County in a variety of settings. Some examples include:

  • Businesses with Laundry Services
  • Businesses with Janitorial Needs
  • Businesses with Packaging Tasks
  • Restaurants (and our favorite coffee house)
  • Grocery or Retail Stores
  • Beauty Salons
  • Car Dealerships
  • Small Offices
  • Gymnasiums

Other Opportunities
In addition to seeking community based employment, we offer other services.

Thanks to our commercial equipment, we are able to provide professional quality services to the businesses in Frederick. We not only offer a great price but we also include pick-up and delivery as part of our standard services. Call our Laundry Line at 301-471-9359 set up your laundry service today!

We can do all kinds of projects from rolling silverware to packaging products. Do you have mass mailing projects? We can do that too! Anything that is repetitive, without the fancy factory machinery, can be done here. We can go to your business or do it at our center. Our costs are affordable and it gives our people more opportunities for paid work.

Okay, we admit it. We had a little fun with this name. Janitorial work, however is serious work! Not only did we take time for vocational training, we also consulted with a professional janitorial business, Top Quality Services, to make sure we have top tools for the jobs.

Coming soon! We would like to expand to landscaping and lawn care. In the meantime, we have grand plans with the University of Maryland to learn some gardening skills. In addition to these workshops, for fun, we want to start our own pizza garden. What’s a pizza garden? It’s a vegetable and herb garden with all the ingredients you might compile on a homemade pizza! Yum!

We decided to jump in and make some jewelry and other crafts for Octoberfest, a fund-raiser that was started by Community Living but now is operated by the Rotary Club. Our first year, we had two weeks to get ready. What a great opportunity for a change of pace and to practice salesmanship. Through our Beadworks, we attend a variety of craft fairs, and sell our items in a few local stores. While there is a recreational therapeutic benefit to crafting jewelry and learning better techniques, all proceeds directly benefit the artists who create the masterpieces.

Why stop at jewelry! We have branched out to other crafts, largely thanks to ideas from our artists, our staff, and most importantly through our volunteers and their talents.

We continue to practice a variety of vocational skills to enhance our employability. Depending on skill levels or interests, we teach a variety of modules. A small sampling includes: skills for jobs in different industries (eg, restaurant, grocery, etc.) ASL class, customer service, interview skills, etc. Sometimes we also learn about other kinds of stuff just for fun.


For more information on the Retirement Our Way senior day program at Community Living, or to apply, contact info@communitylivinginc.org or call Michael Planz, CEO at 301-663-8811.

If you would like to hire us, contact us at caseyh@communitylivinginc.org.